Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chemistry in the Kitchen

Thus commences the tradition of baking for everyone's birthday. This cake was for a chemistry major (see where i'm going with this...cupcakes tailored to people's majors at a liberal arts university--> liberal arts cupcakes!) Anyway, there are a lot of elements on the periodic table so making one cupcake for each, would have been a bit much. This was the first time I have made a cake that i could flip out of the pan. It was a dense yellow cake with chocolate frosting and the elements were made from colored fondant and written on with a gel icing writer.

 Watch as i magically transform these ingredients into batter
ooooo, aaahhhhh
Batter meet cake pan
sifting icing ingredients
My magical roomate

the magical cake

Elements for the periodic table of elements

Covered in chocolate frosting- this is when i discovered how hard it is to make corners pretty
Gel dye and colored fondant
Lauren cutting out element groups
Brittany positioning the alkali metals
Nearly done, one final touch to add
I saw this on a video online- so you make snakes of different colors of fondant and then roll them together and twist to make an awesome border
 The finished product!
...then all we had to do was wait for the birthday girl!

Family Dinner

My roommate and I were lucky enough to get an overflow housing placement in a university guest house this year. This means that we are blessed with a nice kitchen and a huge dining room in which to entertain our friends!

For this family dinner we had Spaghetti Carbonara, homemade bread, bruschetta and of course CUPCAKES!

She gets excited about cupcakes

Bruschetta by Anna


 Trying out the cupcake plunger

Artistic Differences : )

The Beginning

For Chrismukkah in 2010 I got as a gift what i would call a cupcake starter kit- cute cupcake liners, some icing bags and icing tips, and the bakers field guide to cupcakes

The book has recipes in the front for all the basic stuff- a variety of different types of cupcakes as well as frosting. It then proceeds through different decorating ideas that correspond to holidays and events throughout the year.

I made my first batch of cupcakes from this book with my best friend Lena and it was love at first bite.

(Confectioners sugar ganache)

 These cupcakes loosely correspond to the new years eve cupcakes in the book but we weren't skilled enough to pipe champagne glass shapes onto the ganache and use the sprinkles as the bubbles so we just adorned the whole cupcake.