Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flowers For Your Thoughts

Tonight was the first night of my second Wilton Class "Flowers and Cake Design". Unlike the first class we don't have to put nearly as much energy into making icing of the right consistency or having the hand steady enough to make the designs. We created a 50/50 mixture of Gel Paste and Fondant to start out with. The fondant can be used to color the gel paste and the gel paste makes the mixture pliable and prevents the fondant from breaking so easily.

We all made some flowers of different colors so we could mix and match for a nicer looking end result. We rolled out the fondant at a 1/8 and inch and fit it into a flower press. Super simple!!!

The "Button Flower"

Next, we made Pansy's. Again we rolled out our gum paste/fondant mixture but this time cut it out with a blossom shape. Using the thinner of our two sponges we used our ball tool to thin out the edges of the petals, then on the thick sponge we pressed the petals in to create a 3 dimensional look. We pressed out more blossoms of a different color and cut the petals apart. Using the same thinning/pressing technique we used two petals as accents for each flower, attaching them to the base with gum glue adhesive (a combo of gum paste and water, applied with a paintbrush). The finishing touch was a small loop of gum paste/fondant in the center of the flower, also attached with gum glue.
Sponges and Ball Tool
1st Attempt- The white mold underneath gives the flower it's shape while it dries
Ran out of yellow petals, turned out nice anyway

The last day of this class we will be combining all of the flowers we will make over the next couple of weeks onto a final cake. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. In the meantime, I'll practice.

Happy Eating!

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