Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anna's Birthday Cake

This post is WAY over-due. But I wanted to put it up anyway because it's about a birthday cake for someone who I adore and it was made with many other people who I also adore. Consider this take-1 of the sunflower cake that was made possible by Kaitlyn's artistry and our ability to make stuff up as we go along.

This was the first time we ever used, what is so far, my favorite chocolate cake recipe ever! Same as the last 2 blogs-

We tried to make a meringue butter cream frosting from the "Bakers Field Guide to Cupcakes" but our Meringue fell so it was a bit weird. My amazing roommate Renee was able so salvage it enough for us to use it for the sunflowers. To cover the cake and as the filling we used the basic butter cream recipe (easy and delicious!).  

Harper and Brittany Working on the Meringue

Looks good so far!

Expert at cutting butter into small pieces

Mix Mix Mix

Oh Heyyyy Brittany

When things started to become a mess... 
Renee to the rescue!

Finally frosting!

Harper LOVES frosting : )

Kaitlyn doing the hard stuff and Brittany and Kate being..."supportive"


Almost done!

Finishing touches!

Happy 21st Birthday Anna!

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  1. Probably the sweetest cake I've ever eaten from one of the SWEETEST girls I know! Thanks for making my birthday delicious and unforgettable!!!!